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— Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations And OpenFOAM® —

If you already purchased the book and a newer version with more interesting chapters is available, you can request a discount code that reduces the amount of the actual book to 1.99 €. Tobias thinks that this is a fair deal for everybody who already purchased the book in former times. Tobias investigated a lot of time for keeping the book up-to-date and extending it with interesting chapter. 

— Request the Discount Code for the newer version of the book —

Please add you order ID and password in the form below. If you entry is found in the database, you well get an email with the relevant data. Please note that the discount can only be applied once for each order. That means, if you have already purchased one book, you can use this order ID only once for a newer version. However, the newer version itself can be used again for an upcoming update. So one can be always reducing the price to 1.99 € for all future released documents.