Archived OpenFOAM® Usage

The first comprehensive training videos about »Building an OpenFOAM® Project« of the world published by Tobias during 2016

Tobias introduced the first comprehensive training video session in the world. The video session examines all steps one needs to know for creating an own OpenFOAM® project. Here, the videos are based on the OpenFOAM® version 5. However, most parts that are explained are still valid, and the tips and tricks Tobias mentions during the training videos are helpful in the daily work. The project investigated in the following videos were published during 2016 first and commercialized in 2018. However, Tobias decided to make the videos free again. As the name »Archived« already stats, the videos are not up to date regarding the software used. OpenFOAM®, as well as Salome Meca, is already more advanced, and things changed. However, one will gain a lot of knowledge using OpenFOAM® and Salome in the topics related to pre-processing, case set-up, solving, and post-processing. 

Install And Compile

Part 1

Getting Started

Part 2

The Structure of Cases

Part 3

Starting the Project

Part 4

Preparing the Geometry

Part 5

Repairing the Geometry

Part 6

Surface Triangulation

Part 7

STL Preparation

Part 8

First Meshing

Part 9

Mesh Optimization

Part 10

Boundaries and Solving

Part 11

Advanced Boundaries

Part 12