Tutorial Collection OpenFOAM® Wiki

Tutorial Collection OpenFOAM® Wiki.

Hosted by ESI Group, invented by József Nagy and maintained by a group of community engaged people

The OpenFOAM® wiki page that is hosted by the ESI group was invented by József Nagy 2017 and collects the great work of a lot of OpenFOAM® enthusiasts and community contributors. The wiki offers different kind of tutorials about OpenFOAM® and does not be in concurrence with the first wiki page hosted by Bernhard Gscheider. This page is a must visit one for beginners and newcomers. Even experienced users will find very good information there.

OpenFOAM® Wiki

OpenFOAM® Wiki.

Hosted by Bernhard Gschaider and maintained by the community

The OpenFOAMWiki hosted by Bernhard Gschaider contains a lot of information of different libraries, installation instructions and a lot more. Here one will find a lot of information about the beautiful world of OpenFOAM®. Please use this place if you want to share your contributions to the OpenFOAM® community.

József Nagy's Youtube Channel

József Nagy's Youtube Channel.

Working at JKU in Linz 

József Nagy is a professional and advanced OpenFOAM® users and shares his knowledge related to OpenFOAM® on his Youtube channel. He is discovering a wide range of different topics which are worth to check out - even if one is already an advanced OpenFOAM® user.

Pablo Higuera

Pablo Higuera olaFlow extensions for waves.

Working at the University of Singapore 

Pablo Higuera is crazy about the sea. He has been studying waves, first empirically and afterwards theoretically almost all of his life (as he stated to me). He loves to swim in the sea while combining it with sailing and surfing. Thus, he learned to respect the sea and replicate its action in the Open Source Toolbox OpenFOAM®. The extensions are related to the field of wave generation and wave interaction with breakwaters. now included in the olaFlow CFD suite.

Tobias Holzmann's Contributions

Tobias Holzmann's Contributions.

Working at Holzmann CFD / MAN Energy Solutions

As one is already on Holzmann CFD's website, it should be obvious that the contributions are published on different platforms and on different topics. OpenFOAM®, Blender®, DAKOTA®, Salome and ParaView® are the open source softwares which are used in the field of numerical simulations. Tobias Holzmann shares his knowledge in this field on different topics via training case, teaching videos and PDF contributions.

TDF Chalmers Course's

TDF Chalmers Course's.

by Håkan Nilsson

The Dept of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics at the university of Chalmers provide every year a very interesting OpenFOAM® proceeding. Everybody should be aware of the great work they do here. During the course, the students prepare different topics and share a document, the case/libraries and slides.

Bernhard Gscheider's Swak4Foam

Bernhard Gschaider's Swak4Foam.

Working as Software Developer at HDF Research

Bernhard is one famous OpenFOAM® enthusiast who is hacking the OpenFOAM® toolbox and manipulating it with his well known swak4Foam library. The extensions he build for OpenFOAM® are legendary as well as his presentations and the stories about Ignaz. The swak4Foam package offers a wide range of different extensions and applications which makes live easier and allows one to use very nice features.

Fumiya Nozaki's CFD Blog

Fumiya Nozaki's CFD Blog.

Open The Way To Customizations

Fumiya Nozaki's CFD Blog discusses a wide range of different CFD topics which are related to OpenFOAM®. He is explaining different turbulence models with the correct equations and implementation into OpenFOAM®. A nice place to extend ones knowledge. 

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