Since 2012, the free and voluntary part of Holzmann CFD grows and the costs for server maintenance, template increases as well as the time spent for preparing new tutorials, updating the training cases for the latest OpenFOAM® version, working on the website as well as on publications take a lot of time and resources.  Therefore, if you want to support the voluntary part of Holzmann CFD, you are welcomed to donate any amount.

Tobias Holzmann thanks everybody who is supporting his voluntary work. He is thankful and gives value to everybody who made a donation. Voluntary supporter who donated after August 2018:

  • Isaac Kocherla, who is the first voluntary donator after the split (December 2018) 
  • Thomas Scanlon, for the donation for my voluntary work
  • Pavlos Semelides, donated for the book "Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM®"

Voluntary supporter who donated before August 2018:

  • Dr. Alex Lee - Tian Building Engineering (BIM HVACTool)
  • Chris Cloney -
  • Yogesh Khedar, who appreciates my tutorials
  •  Fabien Randrianantenaina, who appreciates my effort to share my OpenFOAM® knowledge
  • Gabriel Axtmann, who appreciates my voluntary work, willing to help and my posts on the forums
  • Yogesh Khedar, who appreciates my tutorials
  • Andrew Eisenhawer, who thanked for all my contributions
  • Christopher Harding, who appreciates my PDF's that I share
  • Thomas Kugele, who told me that I am doing gods work. Thanks for that nice sentence
  • Oliver Scott, for the support, keeping the website up-to-date
  • Dung Pham, who really appreciates the contribution to the community
  • Daniel Vidal, who appreciate my voluntary work
  • Kenneth Wilson, who donated for my voluntary work and that I share it on my website, thank you
  • Nejc Jurkovic, who appreciate my voluntary work and I appreciate your donation
  • Artur Machalski, who told me that I should keep up the good work. Thank you
  • Colin Foale, for his support and therefore the acknowledgment of my work
  • Gerrit Werner, who give value to my work. Thank you
  • Colin Moughton. He directly supported my work after I told, that there is almost no-one supporting my work. Thank you very much
  • Allan Smiles, for the donation for my voluntary work