The Darcy-Forchheimer Calculator

In many engineering applications, different cross-section reducing objects are inserted into the fluid room. Objects like that are honeycombs (catalyst) or perforated plates, for example. As the numerical representation of such geometrical objects requires extreme fine meshes, it is common practice to model such regions by applying a porous media assumption. Therefore, OpenFOAM offers the Darcy-Forchheimer equation, which can explicitly be added to the Navier-Stokes-Equations. The usage of the Darcy-Forchheimer model requires model coefficients D and F.

Honeycomb - Oxidation Catalyst
\[ \nabla p = \left(\mu \textbf{D} + \frac{1}{2}\rho \textbf{F} \textbf{U}\right)\textbf{U} ~~~~~\Longleftrightarrow~~~~~ \nabla p = \frac{\Delta p}{\Delta x} = r \textbf{U} + f \textbf{U}^2\]

Calculation based on

Calculation mode: Darcy only Forchheimer only Both
Point 1 Point 2
Pressure Loss [Pa]
Velocity [m/s]
Dynamic Viscosity [m/s²]
Density [kg/m³]
Length of Porous Zone [m]
Coefficent r [Pas/m²]
Coefficent f [kg/m⁵]
Coefficent D [1/m]
Coefficent F [1/m²]