Since 2012, Holzmann CFD offers knowledge in the field of computational fluid dynamics and OpenFOAM®  for the OpenFOAM® community and all CFD enthusiasts. During the years 2015 and 2016, Dr. mont. Tobias Holzmann wrote a book about the principles of numerical analysis. The book was published under the GPL v3 2016 and is still open and free in the revision version number 4. In November 2019, the book was released in version 7 in a limited (free) and paid version.

In March 2018, Dr. mont. Tobias Holzmann decided to submit the book "Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM®" to proCFD and, therefore, to apply for the CFD award 2018. The price is granted to voluntary and remarkable work in the field of computational fluid dynamics and OpenFOAM®.

Dr. mont. Tobias Holzmann was honored for the published book and the voluntary work he was and is still doing for the community, such as sharing the knowledge on Holzmann CFD, supporting people on, or as well as all the private voluntary assistance.

Personal comment of Dr. mont. Tobias Holzmann:
"I feel honored and pleased about the proCFD award 2018. This is the most valuable feedback I ever received from the community for my voluntary work. Thank you very much."

Award of proCFD