Numerical Simulations ∇ CFD Simulations

The numerical simulation is always used when flows are to be examined in detail without experimentation. However, the numerical simulation is not only characterized by the fact that the cost is significantly lower, but also by the fact that physical quantities are often not measurable. For example, it is not possible in an experiment to record the flow details in the entire measuring room, since the measuring instruments can often only determine local quantities. As already written on the main page of Holzmann CFD, numerical simulation can be used in a variety of engineering and science fields. Below are some examples to make numerical simulation easier to understand.

Fluid Flows and Hydraulic

Hydraulic problems or pipe flows of any kind can be examined numerically in order to better understand the flow behavior and to provide new technical solutions. The visual preparation of the results enables targeted approaches to be developed and implemented. Technically sophisticated solutions can also be checked numerically to ensure that the ideas that are implemented lead to the correct goal. As not every well-thought-out system takes into account all physical effects that exist, it is always helpful to analyze the design numerically.

Engineering approaches are often applied correctly, but various aspects are not taken into account. The result is, for example, geometrical internals that does not serve their intended purpose. This may reduce efficiency or, in individual cases, may even result in a system that has been incorrectly designed or not working optimally at the operating point.

Examples of this would be unexpected stalls, unnoticed inertia effects of the fluid (deflection of fluids), transient effects that were not known, and much more.

All fluid flows and hydraulic flow problems can be examined in a targeted and well-founded manner using numerical simulation.


Numerical Simulation

Are you interested in a numerical simulation to better understand physical effects, optimize your design, or use the data obtained for advertising purposes? Holzmann CFD reliably calculates your fluid flows in a variety of application areas, analyzes, and prepares the numerical data according to your individual requirements.

Through simulations, you gain insights that you can use to improve your design and thus act sustainably with the best performance in the market, while technology providing the best solution.

Numerical Stress Analysis

Numerical simulations can also be used in the field of stress analysis in solid bodies, for example, to calculate thermally-induced stresses. Of course, it is also possible to examine the stresses introduced due to fluid forces or due to contact with other rigid bodies.

Holzmann CFD analyzes your system and calculates the stresses occurring in the component. Especially in the area of ​​the coupling of such problems, Dr. Tobias Holzmann has in-depth knowledge based on his doctoral thesis in the field of local heat treatment for cast aluminum alloys.