OpenFOAM® Consulting

OpenFOAM® Support

Holzmann CFD supports you to perform accurate and reliable OpenFOAM® simulations in a wide range of engineering applications.

Are you investigating into challenging OpenFOAM® cases and don't get to numerical results? Are you having trouble with snappyHexMesh or generally during the meshing step? Are you not able to get your numerical system to converge towards low residuals? Are you having problems to set-up your algorithm correctly? Are you facing difficulties in set-up the correct boundary conditions? Then Holzmann CFD provides reliable support for your personal needs.

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Furthermore, Holzmann CFD checks your OpenFOAM® cases, analysis the numerics in use, reviews the boundary conditions, and many more, while summing up the gained aspects in an individual report.

Do you want to investigate new topics in which OpenFOAM® is not well suited because the numerical models are missing? Are you interested in new boundary conditions? Do you need a new solver for your investigations? No problem, Holzmann CFD also supports you in these specific inquiries professionally and reliably.

OpenFOAM® Training

Your company or research institute is interested in numerical simulations using the open-source software packages OpenFOAM®. However, you don't know how to start or use the software toolbox? No problem, Holzmann CFD offers you different possibilities to get ready with OpenFOAM®.
Depending on your inquiries, a training course, adopted to your investigations and topics, can be held by Dr. mont. Tobias Holzmann, in your company or institute locally.

Holzmann CFD provides further, the first and worldwide unique OpenFOAM® online screencast series, which allows you to learn how to use OpenFOAM® effectively and efficiently. The screencast series contains a variety of handy tips, tricks, and hacks for OpenFOAM®, its manipulation, and usability.

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