OpenFOAM® Programming

OpenFOAM® Programming

OpenFOAM® is too tricky for you or your team? You feel not familiar with the source code and get depressed with the c++ code? You are overstrained with all the classes, libraries, and objects inside the OpenFOAM® toolbox?

But you want to develop your libraries, extend the functionality of OpenFOAM® for your requests? Then, Holzmann CFD is your professional counterpart for those topics.

Holzmann CFD provides professional and fundamental high-level c++ programming within the OpenFOAM® environment. Holzmann CFD further checks your developments, the syntax and can incorporate exciting features into the official OpenFOAM® development repository. Also, if your code does not perform in terms of computational speed, Holzmann CFD rechecks your code, syntax and gives suggestions for a better programming style. For such investigations, the latest techniques are used, such as profiling.

OpenFOAM® Extension

Holzmann CFD, in particular, Dr. mont. Tobias Holzmann signed the contributor agreement to OpenFOAM Foundation. Thus, Holzmann CFD provides new developments and extensions to the actual development line of the Foundation OpenFOAM® version.

If you want to incorporate your own development, or if you have an inquiry of new extensions that should be added to the actual OpenFOAM® development line, Holzmann CFD is your partner for the integration.

Programming with Doxygen