To demonstrate the power of OpenFOAM®, Tobias Holzmann always tries to go beyond the limits of the tools. All videos from Tobias Holzmann are located on the YouTube channel of Holzmann CFD. During the analysis of phenomena, bugs were discovered and resolved which increase the stability and correctness of the toolbox (even if these bugs were a minority compared to the updates coming from the OpenFOAM Foundation). This video section demonstrates the topics in which Tobias Holzmann was investigating and performing numerical simulations. For all those who want to get new impressions or want to know what people are doing with CFD software, feel free to watch the movies below, build your own opinion, extend your knowledge, and be inspired.

Note: The videos are published under the »Creative Commons License« and hence, you are allowed to share it while giving value to Tobias Holzmann. However, people are stealing the credit of Tobias Holzmann while removing the watermark and re-posting it. A strong community reports such license violations, hence, communicate such violations to »«. Thank you.