OpenFOAM® Training Videos

Tobias Holzmann created different training videos during the last ten years for the community

The latest training videos published by Tobias Holzmann can be found on YouTube and the archived once only here. All videos that are not available on YouTube are presented exclusively on the server of Tobias. Thus, if you want to check out the »archieved« videos, please keep patient as the video might start after the whole data are downloaded first. Therefore, long videos might take a while until you can watch the content. Enjoy and thanks that I am a part of the community. Thank you for reading. By the way, did you know that Tobias is fighting with OpenFOAM® and c++ too?

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OpenFOAM® Usage

Creating complete projects starting from the CAD model to the post-processing stage

Application Training

Short videos related to individual OpenFOAM® applications to make life easier

OpenFOAM® Programming

Getting familiar with the c++ code of OpenFOAM®

Advanced Post-Processing

Render techniques using ParaView® and Blender®

Independent of the categories above, one will find exclusive videos related to the Linux environment and terminal usage. These videos cannot be uniquely categorized in the four above mentioned scope. Nevertheless, the training videos below are always related to the open-source software packages used by Tobias for his numerical simulations and investigations.

Shell Speed-up