The OpenFOAM® Community Projects

People all over the world are part of the community and share their knowledge and extensions


During the last years, more and more CFD and OpenFOAM® enthusiasts share their knowledge on their websites, blogs, or Wikipedia pages. Tobias felt honored to mention them on the website »Holzmann CFD« and hopes that people all over the world can take advantage of the material the community shares with the community.

The OpenFOAM wikipedia page hosted by the ESI group

Wikipedia of the ESI Group

The OpenFOAM® wiki page hosted by the ESI group was invented by József Nagy 2017 and collects the great work of a lot of OpenFOAM® enthusiasts and community contributors. The wiki offers different kinds of tutorials about OpenFOAM® and does not concur with the first wiki page hosted by Bernhard Gscheider. This page is a must-visit one for beginners and newcomers. Even experienced users will find excellent information there.

The OpenFOAM wikipedia page hosted by the community (Bernhard Gscheider)

Wikipedia of the Community

The OpenFOAMWiki hosted by Bernhard Gschaider contains much information on different libraries, installation instructions, and much more regarding OpenFOAM®. On the website, one will find much information about the beautiful world of OpenFOAM®. Please use this place if you want to share your contributions to the OpenFOAM® community.

József Nagy

József Nagy's Youtube Channel

József Nagy is a professional and advanced OpenFOAM® user and shares his knowledge related to OpenFOAM® and computational fluid dynamics on his YouTube channel. He is discovering a wide range of different topics that are worth checking out.

TDF Chalmers Course's

TDF Chalmers Course's

The department of thermo- and fluid dynamics at the University of Chalmers provides very interesting OpenFOAM® proceeding every year. Everybody should be aware of the great work they do there. During the course, the students investigate different topics while the outcome is prepared carefully and shared.

Pablo Higuera

olaFlow extensions for waves

ablo Higuera loves the sea. He has been studying waves, first empirically, and afterward theoretically almost all of his life. Pablo loves to swim in the sea while combining it with sailing and surfing. Thus, he learned to respect the sea and replicate its action in the toolbox OpenFOAM®. The extensions are related to the field of wave generation and wave interaction with breakwaters.

Bernhard Gscheider


Bernhard is one very famous OpenFOAM® enthusiast who is hacking the OpenFOAM® toolbox and manipulating it with his well-known swak4Foam library. The extensions he builds for OpenFOAM® are legendary, as well as his presentations and the stories about Ignaz. The swak4Foam package offers a wide range of different extensions and applications, which makes life more comfortable in the daily use of OpenFOAM®.

Synthetik Technologies

Synthetik Technologies

Synthetik Applied Technologies are working in different fields, mainly in the explosion analysis. In 2019, they published the »blastFoam« repository, which is built for high explosive substrates. Therefore, OpenFOAM® also has an extension to investigate high explosion scenarios.

Tomer Avraham

Tomers CFD Blog

Tomer Avraham publishes different topics in the field of computational fluid dynamics on his blog. Tomer shares a wide range of knowledge in different topics such as discretization, physics, turbulence modeling and much more. A place everybody should be aware of.

Artur Lidtke

Artur Lidtke's Programming Tutorials

Artur Lidtke supports the community with OpenFOAM® programming tutorials that are hosted on his GitHub repository. The training applications start from a beginner level and getting more complex during the session. Different topics are covered such as »simple programming in FOAM«, »parallelism«, »numerical algorithm (SIMPLE)« and much more.