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Tobias Holzmann's free available training cases for OpenFOAM® in a varity of CFD fields and techniques

Tobias Holzmann investigated into different numerical analyses during the last ten years, which are published on YouTube or in the »Inspiring Simulations« section. Most of the training cases are preprocessed for the community and which are shared in this section as free OpenFOAM® tutorials. As the number of the training cases are increasing during the time, it would be very neat to support his work by a voluntary donation. Please feel free to send your ideas for new community cases to »«. However, Tobias will just investigate into interesting ideas, phenomenon and/or geometries. If you want to give some feedback regarding the work done by Tobias, you are free to tell the community your thought about his work and share his site. The cases provided by Tobias can be split into three areas (excluding the optimization and Christmas community competition cases) as presented after the charts.

The 6 most popular OpenFOAM® community cases of the last 31 days

The above pie chart above is related to the number of downloads counted on this website and hence, it is always up-to-date. Thus, it presents the community interests related to the published OpenFOAM® cases by Tobias. The chart below shows the common OpenFOAM® version in use by the community. As in the pie chart above, the data is related to the counted downloads from this website.

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In the following all free available OpenFOAM® tutorials (training cases) created by Tobias Holzmann are presented and split into different topics.

Meshing Cases

The collection of the meshing cases includes a range of different complex meshing geometries that are meshed with the official OpenFOAM® mesher snappyHexMesh. In the meshing dictionary of the application, you will find individual comments that explain different keywords by using Holzmann CFD's own words.

Simulation Cases

The collection of the simulation cases includes a wide range of different simulation problems including the meshing step (but without detailed information about the meshing progress). The focus is related to correct boundary conditions, numerics, and usage of the OpenFOAM® solvers as well as residual control and other possible functionalities that can be activated by using function objects.

Dynamic Mesh Cases

The collection of the dynamic mesh cases is the most advanced topic one can do with OpenFOAM®. The main focus is the generation of the arbitrary mesh interface (AMI or ACMI) with different OpenFOAM® tools and meshing operations. The optional comments in the files will give you all the information that is necessary to adapt the training cases to your simulations. There is no particular focus on numerics during the solving procedure.

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DAKOTA® — OpenFOAM® Coupling Training Cases

Geometric Variation

DAKOTA® coupling and hypercube sampling

Image for OpenFOAM Case: geometricVariation.jpg

Tesla's One-Way-Valve

DAKOTA® coupling and gradient optimization

Image for OpenFOAM Case: teslasOneWayValve.jpg

Community Christmas Competitions Training Cases

Pitot Tube

Community Christmas competition 2019

Image for OpenFOAM Case: pitotTube.png

Suzannes Head

Community Christmas competition 2017

Image for OpenFOAM Case: suzannesHead.png

All OpenFOAM® Training Cases

Tank with Safety Valve

«activePressureForceBaffleVelocity» boundary condition

Image for OpenFOAM Case: tankWithSafetyValve.jpg

Fluent Mesh Conversion

Convert a Fluent mesh including cell zones to OpenFOAM

Image for OpenFOAM Case: fluentMeshToFoam.jpg

2D Adaptive Mesh Refinement

blastFoam library usage for 2D adaptive mesh refinement

Image for OpenFOAM Case: 2dAdaptiveMeshRefinement.jpg

Fan Rotation & AMI

An exiting dynamic mesh (transient) OpenFOAM® case setup

Image for OpenFOAM Case: fanRotationAMI.jpg

Sneezing Simulation

Inspired by the simulations popped out based on Covid-19

Image for OpenFOAM Case: sneezingSimulation.jpg

Thermal-Electric Generator

Tobias first contact with computational fluid dynamics

Image for OpenFOAM Case: thermalElectricGenerator.jpg

Catalyst Heat-Up

Energy coupling between solid and fluid region

Image for OpenFOAM Case: catalystHeatUp.jpg

Vertical Axial Wind Turbine

A flow-induced rotation with 6-DoF modelling a VAWT turbine

Image for OpenFOAM Case: verticalAxialWindTurbine.jpg

Fluidic Oscillator

2D Fluidic Oscillator Simulation

Image for OpenFOAM Case: fluidicOscillator.jpg

Falling Droplets

Arbitrary falling water droplets

Image for OpenFOAM Case: fallingDroplets.jpg

Solar Chimney

Free Convection demonstration case

Image for OpenFOAM Case: solarChimney.jpg

Gin Tonic

Mulit-Region heat transfer analysis of Tobias favorit drink

Image for OpenFOAM Case: ginTonic.jpg

ACMI Heat Transfer

Energy transfer in combination with the ACMI boundary condition

Image for OpenFOAM Case: ACMIHeatTransfer.jpg

Combustion Chamber

Unique cold-flow combustion chamber analysis

Image for OpenFOAM Case: combustionChamber.jpg

Magnus Effect

2D simulation related to the Magnus phenomena including function objects

Image for OpenFOAM Case: magnusEffect.jpg

Sphere Meshing

Cutting a sphere out of an channel using snappyHexMesh

Image for OpenFOAM Case: sphereMeshing.jpg

Complex Mesh Motion

Fictive scenario for coupling and decoupling regions

Image for OpenFOAM Case: complexMeshMotion.jpg

Arbitrary Water Pump

Cyclic boundaries to model a pressure jump

Image for OpenFOAM Case: arbitraryWaterPump.jpg

Kaplan Turbine

Flow-induced rotation using the 6-DoF library

Image for OpenFOAM Case: kaplanTurbine.jpg

Arbitrary Rotating Inlet ACMI

Complex ACMI generation and its numerical analysis

Image for OpenFOAM Case: arbitraryRotatingInletACMI.jpg

2D Arbitrary Mesh Interface

Simple 2D dynamic mesh (AMI) simulation

Image for OpenFOAM Case: 2dArbitraryMeshInterface.jpg

Rotating Rotor AMI

Transient rotating rotor simulation using the AMI boundary

Image for OpenFOAM Case: rotatingRotorAMI.jpg

Thin Gap Meshing

Meshing thin gaps and analyze the steady-state flow

Image for OpenFOAM Case: thinGapMeshing.jpg

2D Rotational Axis-Symmetric Meshing

snappyHexMesh meshing scenario for 2D axis-symmetric cases

Image for OpenFOAM Case: 2dRotationalAxisSymmetric.jpg

Cell Zone Generation

snappyHexMesh meshing scenario including cell zone generation

Image for OpenFOAM Case: cellZoneGeneration.jpg

Meshing a Helix

Complex geometry meshing using snappyHexMesh

Image for OpenFOAM Case: meshingAHelix.jpg

Feature Edge Refinement

Usage of the feautre edge refinement feature

Image for OpenFOAM Case: featureEdgeRefinement.jpg

Meshing A Pipe

Simple mesh and layer generation using snappyHexMesh

Image for OpenFOAM Case: meshingAPipe.jpg