Support the work of Tobias Holzmann

— Keeping the material up to date and create new material does take a lot of time —

Over the last ten years, Tobias tried to publish a wide range of different materials related to OpenFOAM® and CFD. You know it much better than he does if the content is worth to be supported. If you want to thank Tobias for the work he did, feel free to donate any amount you would like to give. Hosting the material, updating the data, and keeping up interesting work does take much time and also money.

— People who decided to say »Thank You« —

  • Tomer Avraham
  • Isaac Kocherla
  • Thomas Scanlon
  • Pavlos Semelides
  • Nejc Jurkovic
  • Artur Machalski
  • Dr. Alex Lee
  • Chris Cloney
  • Yogesh Khedar
  • Kenneth Wilson
  • Colin Foale
  • Fabien Randrianantenaina
  • Gabriel Axtmann
  • Andrew Eisenhawer
  • Daniel Vidal
  • Gerrit Werner
  • Christopher Harding
  • Thomas Kugele
  • Oliver Scott
  • Dung Pham
  • Colin MoughtonDung Pham
  • Allan Smiles