Dr. Tobias Holzmann offers different solutions in the B2B area. As given above, different investigations are performed by Dr. Tobias Holzmann, such as OpenFOAM® consulting, numerical simulations or developments, and extensions, mainly in c++. Regarding the three mentioned subjects, one will find a lot of material on the Holzmann CFD website, such as investigated phenomena, developments, and references. Dr. Holzmann's company namely »Holzmann CFD« stands mainly for free accessible material for OpenFOAM® user but related to the B2B sector, Holzmann CFD passion is related to reliable, trustful, accurate and high numerical quality analysis and solutions. Dr. Holzmann always works together with his corporation partners and tries to go beyond the expected expectations. If you work with Holzmann CFD, you will gain experience, knowledge and, at the end, a good relationship and working base with Dr. Holzmann.