CRECK Flamelet Model

An OpenFOAM® combustion model developed by the CRECK Modeling Group from Milano

During the year 2012, Tobias investigated biomass combustion chambers at the Robert Bosch AG company using OpenFOAM® and the steady-state laminar flamelet model published by the CRECK modeling group from Milano. During that time, Alberto Cuoci published the libraries and the solver on his GitHub account. The official name of the library is libOpenSMOKE and was removed by Alberto Cuoci after one year. However, it seems that the CRECK modeling group developed new libraries such as the »laminarSMOKE« and also a (maybe) more advanced turbulent flamelet model, which requires the registration on their website. Unfortunately, Tobias never got activated for that project and, thus, could never check the libraries.

Tobias tries to keep the library up-to date in term of OpenFOAM® compatibility

During the investigation into the code, Tobias removed minor bugs from the library and kept the model up to date. However, the main bottleneck of the whole repository is the closed kinetic calculator (binary file). This bottleneck was the starting point of Tobias to create his thermo-kinetic calculator for the community (still in progress); surely, there are other tools available such as Cantera or Flamemaster. The flamelet model itself provides the ability to use detailed chemistry in computational fluid dynamic calculations. The model was invented by Peters (RWTH Aachen) and has different extensions nowadays. The implemented model is named »steady-state laminar flamelet model« which can be used for turbulent combustion. The oxidizer and fuel are not allowed to be premixed. In other words, the model is for non-premixed high turbulent combustion mainly for free stream flames.

As the model is not developed by Tobias, he renamed it to CRECKFlameletModel

During the international combustion engine conference in Milano (2020), Tobias realized that the flamelet model is widely used in any combustion and chemistry area. However, models are extended to handle more scenarios such as premixed combustion, radiation, and others. Also, simplifications are done as given by the »flamelet generalized manifold« model (FGM). If Tobias ever finishes his kinetic calculator, he will investigate new models and implement them into OpenFOAM®


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