Release Notes

All changes performed during the release of the book »Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM«


Changes from the release 7.x (11.2019) to the new upcoming release 2020

  • Added a new chapter that describes how the matrix construction is performed and how we can extract the units of the matrix system
  • Corrected equations 5.22, 5.23, 5.24. Here the last term for the y - momentum was incorrect. Kurian Vachaparambil
  • In the matrix below equation 9.72, the bar above the velocity components are missing
  • In equation 5.10, the partial derivative of the second term was wrong, in addition the vector form was added
  • Added Einsteins Summation examples
  • Updated the Reynolds-Stress equation derivation chapter (added a lot of new information)
    Thanks to George Klavaris, he gave the trigger for the modifications and extensions

Changes from the release 5.x (04.2018) to the release 7.x

  • Updated the design
  • Corrected typos, wording, and the language
  • Added the derivation of the temperature equation for solids
  • Renewed the chapter "Calculation of the Shear-Rate Tensor in OpenFOAM®
  • Renewed the chapter "The numerical algorithms: SIMPLE, PISO and PIMPLE"
  • Split the book in two versions, a free and paid one

Changes from the edition 4 (24.09.2017) to the release 5.x (04.2018)

  • Updated the c++ code to the OpenFOAM-5.x Foundation version
  • Version number of the book correlates to the Foundation version
  • Correction of nOuterCorrectors set-up on page 115. I mentioned to set this quantity to zero to get the PISO loop but it is one
  • On page 116 the code tells one that the turbOnFinalIter is set to true but I mentioned that it is set to false in the text
    Thanks to Hossein Heydari for the report
  • Summary of equations. The enthalpy equation was wrong
  • Added other equations to the summary
    Thanks to Dr. Lars Korn for the hints
  • First term in equation 2.61 corrected (density was missing)
    Thanks to Chris Harding for the hint
  • Corrected typos and sentences
  • Improved english quality
  • Book format changed
  • Bookmarks for PDF corrected

Changes from the edition 4 (20.09.2017) to the edition 4 (24.09.2017)

  • Sign mistake in appendix page 155
  • Shear-Rate Term
    • a) Sign mistake in appendix page 159 equation 14.32 >/li>
    • f) Derivative wrong in equation 14.42, 14.43 and 14.44 (second term on the LHS)
  • Resolved minor grammar mistakes
    Thanks to Vishwesh Ravi Shrimali for reporting the mistakes

Changes from the edition 4 (17.09.2017) to the edition 4 (20.09.2017)

  • Equation 9.97, 9.98, 9.99 9.100, 9.101 average symbol missing on some quantities
  • Equation 9.107 and 9.108 had a wrong derivation
  • Equation 9.110 had a wrong diffusion term
  • Equation 14.18 and 14.19 denominator was wrong
    Thanks to Vishwesh Ravi Shrimali for reporting the mistakes

Changes from the edition 4 (03.09.2017) to the edition 4 (17.09.2017)

  • Essential error in integral form of the momentum equation 2.28 and 8.8: The pressure term is a surface integral
  • Typos correction on page 23 and 49
    Thanks to Florian Kunstmann for the hints
  • Missing absolute bar in page 50 (summary in the total energy equation
  • Equation 5.26, the term on the left hand side was wrong (the shear-rate term)
  • Equation 9.39, 9.41, 9.46, 9.47 and 9.48 were wrong (pressure term with wrong sign)
  • Equation 9.7 missing dt term on the LHS
  • Equation 9.51 and 9.52 represents one equation (not two)
  • Equation 9.64 (new number 9.63), missing identity on the RHS (underbrace)
  • Equation 9.73 (new number 9.72), missing trace operator in second line
  • Equation 9.83 (new number 9.82), pressure typo (star sign has to be applied)
    Thanks to Vishwesh Ravi Shrimali for the hints (highly appreciated)
  • Equation 9.78, 9.79, 9.80 (new number 9.77, 9.78 and 9.79), missing bar on pressure

Changes from the edition 4 (29.01.2017) to the edition 4 (03.09.2017)

  • Corrected equation 2.95 (density inside the squares)
    Thanks to Vishwesh Ravi Shrimali for the hint
  • Page 69, section 9.1the sentence including "... figure 7.1" was corrected (number of the figure was wrong)
  • Page 70, equation 9.3 corrected
  • Page 86, equation 9.64 corrected
    Thanks to Vigneshwaran Sankar for the hints
  • Page 115, PISO is done with nOuterCorrectors equal one (previous ... equal zero)
    Thanks to Arnav Ajmani for the hint
  • New chapter about the relaxation techniques in OpenFOAM® (field and matrix) to get more information about the information loose and the Final flag
  • Changed the word viscose to viscous
    Thanks to my former colleague Christian Rodrigues
  • Changes only related to chapter 7
  • Improved English
  • Added dependency to equation 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 and 7.8
  • Corrected equation 7.16, 7.17 and 7.18

Changes from the edition 4 (19.10.2017) to the edition 4 (29.01.2017)

  • Some minor typos resolved
  • residualControls changed to residualControl in the chapter of PIMPLE
  • Added chapter about the bulk viscosity
  • Big changes in chapter 4 and 5 according to the bulk viscosity
  • Some sentence correction in chapter 10
  • Corrected equation 10.12
  • Added chapter 12 - OpenFOAM® tutorials
  • Corrected a lot of typos
  • Renewed the introduction of the mass conservation equation
  • Renewed the introduction of the momentum conservation equation
  • Corrected the summary page (equations were wrong)
  • Corrected equation 2.46
  • Added new chapter about "OpenFOAM® tutorials"
  • Updated and changed a lot of sentences for a better understanding in the whole documentation
  • Added literature
  • Added "how to cite"
  • Renewed the abstract
  • Book ready to print

Changes from the edition 3 to the edition 4 (19.10.2016

  • Added subsection for the usage of the SIMPLEC algorithm
  • Implemented English correction in chapter 1 (thanks to Vignesh T.G.)
  • Corrected Gauss summation convention (thanks to Jaap Versteegh)
  • Added non-symmetric tensor definition
  • Extended equation (1.13) to clear some doubts
  • Included hyperref to the document
  • Re-format the code listings
  • New literature style
  • Added a new chapter (23 pages) about the usage of the PIMPLE algorithm (community wish)
  • Some typos corrected
  • Corrected figure 2.2
  • Corrected two terms (plus sign of pressure to minus sign)
  • Increased readability
  • Moved Reynolds-Stress equation derivation to the appendix
  • Summary of equation is now a own chapter
  • Changed format to B5 (for book)
  • Generated a book cover
  • Added one literature
  • All formula's are included in the text flow (they end with a point or comma)
  • A lot of equations are new formated

Changes from the edition 2.1 to the edition 3

  • Extended ~ 35 pages for turbulence modeling
  • Correct some mistakes (in general)
  • Include the handling of the time derivative as differences first
  • English improvements
  • Extend and reorganized the mathematic chapter
  • Reorganize the shear-rate tensor derivation in OpenFOAM®
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Introduce to Reynolds-Averaging methods (time-average, ensemble, ...)
  • Time-Averaging operations on linear, nonlinear terms and constants
  • Derivation of incompressible Reynolds time-averaged mass conservation
  • Derivation of compressible Reynolds time-averaged mass conservation (to show why we get more troubles here)
  • Introduce the turbulent Reynolds stress tensor
  • Derivation of incompressible Reynolds time-averaged momentum equation
  • Introducing the closure problem
  • Comparison of Reynolds stress tensor and Cauchy stress tensor (especially to show the modified pressure we use in OpenFOAM®)
  • Introducing to the Boussinesq eddy viscosity approximation
  • Introducing the eddy viscosity approximation
  • Derivation of the incompressible Reynolds-Stress equation to derive the turbulent kinetic energy equation
  • Derivation of the incompressible kinetic energy equation of the turbulence
  • Relation between length scale and dissipation
  • Derivation of the incompressible dissipation rate equation (not shown in detail)
  • Introducing the Favre averaging concept
  • Demonstrate the concept using the compressible mass conservation equation

Changes from the edition 2.0 to the edition 2.1

  • English improvements and corrections corrected (thanks to Sergei for the nice corrections)
  • Gauss theorem introduced in the mathematic section
  • Equation (1.6) corrected
  • After equation (1.7), the vector notation (brackets) was wrong
  • Equation (1.14) results not in a vector, it results in a scalar
  • Equation (1.15) dyadic sign added
  • Equation (1.16) dyadic sign added
  • Equation (2.4) corrected again
  • The sentence after (2.9) was changed to be more clear
  • Section 2.1.1, remarks and addition information to gauss theorem etc.
  • Equation (2.13) - (2.16) corrected; velocity vector was not bold
  • Literature added for the non-common continuity equation
  • Equation (2.30), (2.31) and (2.32) dyadic sign added
  • Equation (2.77) other re-arrangement, to be more clear what we do
  • Equation (2.78) conversation -> conversion
  • Equation (2.85) 4th term on the RHS is a surface integral (changed integral sign)
  • Added a description why we use the small bullet in the integrals instead of the big bullet (because both represent the inner product of two vectors)