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The costs for the book are 9.99 EUR and do support the work of Tobias Holzmann


Before you can pay, we check if you are allowed to get a discount of 80 percent. Hence, please fill in your email address and your order/hash-key if you have one. The order/hash-key was sent to you if you ordered the book prior and click Checking Discount. After that, follow the instructions and after clicking the second »Continue« button you will see the possible payment methods.

To get an impression of the book, you are welcomed to download the free version of the book first. The section will provide you with all release notes and further information about the content.


Payment methods might not work properly. If you encounter some problem please contact »«. It is reported that your money gets refunded after payment. Hence, the only thing that might happen is, that You get the book for free.