Falling Droplets

— interFoam, multiphase, arbitrary scenario —

The following OpenFOAM® case was created during Tobias' time at the Montanuniversität Leoben. Here, a statement of his colleague Christian Rodrigues should be proved for the ongoing research. The case should demonstrate that the flow field is strong enough to keep the force balance between the droplet's gravity acceleration and the flow that is coming from the bottom. Hence, the droplets should stay at the same place. The outcome was something different, more related to colorful fluid dynamics rather than scientific investigation. However, more phenomena are taken place at once here. The non-physical inlet condition, as well as the 2D simplification, provide an impressive splashing event and, thus, a fantastic velocity distribution. Sometimes, this is sufficient for Tobias to share his cases with the community. Thanks for reading. By the way, did you know that Tobias plays table-tennis?

Falling Droplets Simulation Picture 2
Falling Droplets Simulation Picture 3

— Published under the GNU General Public License 3

Over the last ten years, Tobias tried to publish a wide range of different materials related to OpenFOAM® and CFD. You know it much better than he does if the content is worth to be supported. If you want to thank Tobias for the work he did, feel free to tell the community your opinion about the work Tobias Holzmann is doing or you can email your thoughts directly to »This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.«. Keep in mind that the work that was done here took much time, and it is not self-evident that Tobias Holzmann shares all his work, knowledge, and attitude for free and keep the data up to date. Hosting the material, updating the data, and keeping up interesting work for the community does take much time and also money. Supporting Tobias can be done by donating any amount you would like to give or help him with his projects.

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The available training cases are tested and built for different OpenFOAM® versions. During the tests, only the OpenFOAM Foundation version of OpenFOAM® was used. Furthermore, the following software packages are required for most of the training cases: Salome®, ParaView®, and for optimization tasks one also needs DAKOTA®. The cases might work with the ESI version of OpenFOAM® too (not tested). Additionally, there is no support for Windows-based OpenFOAM® versions.

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