Advanced Post-Processing

Scientific result-processing using advanced tools such as Blender®


Advanced data processing in modern environments is common practice to visualize the numerical data in a more realistic manner. Several applications and techniques can be applied in modern applications such as ParaView® or Blender®. However, one should distinguish between advanced post-processing and photo-realistic data processing as the latter is a kind of royals discipline for data processing. Within this section of Tobias website, you will find different videos that investigate into different post-processing techniques using ParaView® and Blender®.

Using scripts and own programs helps to make the advanced post-processing simpler

Advanced post-processing or scientific data processing requires knowledge regarding third-party software in use. For Blende®r, the training videos are intended to give a brief overview including most of the necessary steps to allow one to investigate into the topic of advanced post-processing. However, the videos are not aimed to guide one through the Blender® framework as there are a lot of other sophisticated videos available on YouTube which cover that particular topic. Furthermore, Tobias does not know too much regarding the flexible and sophisticated software named »Blender®«.

Released on 01.09.2021 — Downloads:

Blender® Rendering for Steady-State Cases

A brief introduction into the software Blender® and its rendering techniques

Picture: Blender® Rendering for Steady-State cases