OpenFOAM® Usage Videos

Starting OpenFOAM® is complex and difficult. The following training videos will help you to get ready

The training videos presented here are related to OpenFOAM® beginners and advanced users. During a five to twenty minute lecture, all steps are offered that are necessary to create your project. After the training videos, one should be ready to handle CFD investigations using OpenFOAM®. Tobias tries to incorporate his knowledge into the covered topics. The community might now that Tobias Holzmann already created different training videos such as »Building a complete OpenFOAM® Project - Exhaust Manifold«. These training videos were built during the year 2015 and are related to OpenFOAM® 5. However, even though these videos are covering a wide range of OpenFOAM® topics regarding pre-processing, solving, and post-processing, Tobias decided to re-create the videos using a new and more interesting case.

The OpenFOAM® toolbox is a steady changing environment

Tobias is going to start the new and forever free training videos during autumn/winter 2020. The new training session will demonstrate how to create a complete OpenFOAM® project, with the latest version. Please feel free to give your thoughts about the investigated scenario into the section »Your Time«. If you are interested in older training videos, you can go to the »Archived« area which is given below.

Exhaust Manifold

A full OpenFOAM® project based on OpenFOAM® version 4

Exhaust Manifold Project

Rock Vapor Classic

A full OpenFOAM® project based on OpenFOAM® version 8

Rock Vapor Classic